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Metal Pless PLOWMAXX

Snow plow with hydraulic wings and angle. The PlowMaxx can be installed on a skid steer, backhoe or wheel loader.


US Metric

FEATURES – Plowmaxx

  • 180° multiple hydraulic side wing positions
  • Side wings made of “Heavy duty” steel CHT400
  • “Heavy duty” CHT400 steel multi-section mechanical trip edge ½’’ x 6’’ (Std)
  • SOFT drive mechanical steel trip edge, “Heavy duty” multi-section ½” x 6″ (HD)
  • Mobile steel trip edge following the imperfection of roads, exclusive Metal Pless system, reduces up to 50% the use of salt and abrasives (LE)
  • Carbide cutting edge on main mouldboard only (LE)
  • 3 adjustable crossover relief valves for hydraulic protection on the side wings and power angle system
  • Wings have self-leveling abrasion shoes made of CHT400 steel
  • Wear plate welded to the skid shoes on the side wings (Std)
  • SOFT drive mechanical steel trip edge on the wings (HD/LE)
  • Lateral floating of the blade
  • Adjustable angulation of the blade
  • Triple electric valve selector kit (DVDE3) 12 or 24 volts
  • Baked powder paint
  • This system requires 1 set of oil outlets


    • Teflon cutting edge ¾” x 6″
    • Carbide cutting edge
    • Curb runners
    • Non standard colour
    • Quick attach
    • Eight (8) button joystick and electric valve (operate all 8 functions by the press of a button) (electric over hydraulic 3 spools mounted on the blade with electric control and necessary cable for the installation in the cab)

      BASIC VARIATIONS on blade positions

      Basic variations on blade positions

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