Machineries Trakto offers a full range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of users of excavators, loaders, snowblowers and agricultural equipment. Now under a new administration since 2016, we have a leading expertise in industrial machinery, particularly in the snow removal industry with more than 20 years of experience. We know all the essential elements for a productive and efficient operation. The diversity of our products and the technical knowledge of our team has acquire makes all the difference.

Machineries Trakto offers unparalleled service, an experienced team and a vast inventory of new and used equipment, parts and attachments for all your snow removal and landscaping projects, as well as residential and commercial maintenance.



Sale and service of industrial and agricultural machinery

Full services

Complete maintenance and repair of various heavy machinery equipment of all brands. Our service is quick, impeccable and professional. We take advantage of a completely new mechanical garage and we use a wide range of equipment at the cutting edge of technology. Our certified technicians team participates in a continuing education program presented by Bobcat University and Mecalac.

In order to offer an even more efficient and personalized service, we put at your disposal our mobile equipment repair workshop. A fleet of trucks offering a 24/7 service, wherever you are in order to respond to different emergencies.

Both diversified and specialized, our new and used inventory of industrial machineries, snowblowers and agricultural equipment will meet all your needs: Bobcat and Mecalac, Metal Pless, Profusion, Pronovost, GSL, Ventrac, Wallenstein, Hla, Walco, etc. You can also rely on the Bobcat attachment series, we offer over 200 models that are robust, powerful and compatible with all brands in the industry.

Large inventory of replacement piece and
parts from Bobcat and Mecalac brands, but also from all other brands on the market.

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