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Bobcat E32

Part of the R-Series, the Bobcat® E32 compact (mini) excavator packs powerful performance and maneuverability into a conventional tail swing design. Narrower than the E35, this machine is ideal if you frequently work around width restrictions such as doors or gates. Boost your digging performance with the long arm option or a clamp-ready extendable arm option.


US Metric



Operating Weight (lb)

7 403

Maximum Dig Depth (ft)


Maximum Dump Height (ft)


Lenght (in)


Width (in)


Height (in)


Highlights of Bobcat R2-Series E32 compact excavator include:

-Refined, low-effort joysticks with more fingertip control capabilities (optional camera and depth-check system).
-Optional 7-inch display screen for added functional awareness and device connectivity.
-Arm-mounted auxiliary hydraulics, integrated lift eye, and optional clamp diverter valve for added versatility.
-Optional high-back seat with headrest and heat for premium comfort.
-Standard LED lights for excellent visibility
-A host of quality improvements, including:
-Redesigned door and tailgate latches for improved operation.
-A redesigned front window for improved operation.
-Redesigned sprocket hardware for reduced maintenance and greater uptime.
-Boom and arm hydraulic cylinder heads feature an improved seal design that further reduces leaks.
-A larger battery (25hp models) for more cold-cranking amps.
-Refitted radiator hose and heater hose for improved wear and longer uptime.

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